About Me xo


Before leaping into the world of romantic and classic weddings and celebrations, I spent time working in the corporate world of selling properties and administration. From 2014 I enjoyed working all types of customer-facing roles. It seriously was “no two days were the same”.


Then I realised, I was really good at helping others achieve their goals in any format: purchasing their dream home, filling out legal paperwork, bespoking the process for each client I came across. It really felt like I was in the right career!

Then I got engaged in beautiful, sunset BALI!
And life changed in that moment...

If you have the blessing to meet my husband Michael, he will tell you all about it. He requested we wait three months before we started planning! Well, I waited three days once we got off the flight home.

We loved planning every bit of our wedding from designing our wedding budget to timeline hiccups to table plan management. We indulged in all things wedding management.

Us like yourselves spent hours enquiring on services to make our dream day come alive. As amazing and passionate as each individual was, really all we needed was a relaxed wedding day manager to lead on the day. Someone who was happy for us to lead in decisions, but ask for help when we needed it....

Events with Akilah came alive in 2017 out of a passion for DIY-ing.


The rest is history... (or I can tell you more when we meet over a virtual hot cuppa! 

I was meant to be a professional dancer. I stepped aside to follow the money, not passion. Ouch! Dance will always be my first love, so I teach during the day leading community dance lessons in schools because I love it!


So, if you need a memorable entrance to strut your stuff or want to surprise your party with a surprise flashmob - then you know who to call.

I love tradition, but I love being different!


I will never do something I do not feel comfortable doing!


So, you can count on me when you need transparency, creativity and hard work!

Bubba Ge & I

I am a mumma of one beautiful 1 year old son; Greyson Ezra. We have the best time watching Bing and dancing to Amapiano House.


I do this for him, and a better balance of life.