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Everlasting Memories Created By You. Sculpted By Me.

Firstly, Congratulations! Whether its a birthday, new family announcement, engagement or shower!

Get ready for an exciting, bumpy road ahead! Whether you & your partner plan for an intimate affair or luxurious, show stopper. I know, first hand it isn’t easy to do alone (or completely fun) and when it came to the "detail, detail", the deep detail, the finest detail we always need someone. That’s where you tag me in. By adding just enough help to your plan, means you can get more excited for the celebration whilst I tie your event details together so seamlessly that you & I will become a great team or maybe even great friends.

What makes me different?

Not another events planner...


You & I should meet

With your creativity and dream building and my attention to detail, my services will make the most important events in your lives be as memorable and enjoyable as possible. "How?" I hear you say, I've learned to be flexible and accommodating to each of your unique needs and preferences.

No really... we should... its free!

Trust Events with Akilah to take care of what you need to be taken care of. You don't have to be at the beginning of your planning to contact me. Tag-in (get it?) I'll assist you at any stage and you can tag straight back in once I have helped align your plans back where you want it.

Still not convinced?

I focus on sculpting your concept and planning, the best possible experience for everyone involved. I take care of all the small, tedious administration details and arrangements so, you can focus on the important fun of planning and hosting.

Event Services

Its as simple as 1. 2. 3.




A mood board. Spreadsheets. Supplier Searching. Contract storing. On the day plan. You ask for it, I can probably do it.


On The Day

I care about making your event the best possible experience for everyone involved, that I can be there or provide everything your friends and family need to ensure they can take on the role if we want to keep spending down with our DIY Kit. However, I do know that whilst I tie up all the loose ends with your suppliers and venue co-ordinator. You can enjoy your final fittings or confirm that last-minute RSVP. You won’t have to worry about a thing except showing up.


Post-Event Love

DIY Decor hire or purchases returned to your home? All suppliers are satisfied with the items they have leased? Maybe a friend has forgotten a jacket? The last thing you want is to be contacted by multiple persons days after your event. OR return dates, transport to airport, late check-out and more. Leave it to me. For as long as you need me, I will tie up every last end you need.

The Manful's

Akilah was more than helpful with the planning of the wedding. Communication was never an issue and she was always available. She came to the venue, helped discuss food and travel arrangements and nothing was ever too tedious! We met up several times to go over things and we were always in control- the wedding still was the way we wanted it with Akilah’s touch. The days coming to the wedding were stress free as Akilah handled the majority of things. Her level of professionalism was exceptional! My friends and family loved her presence and she became more of a friend than just an events planner. Akilah was truly a pleasure to have around and I will definitely be using her services again in the near future! Lots of love.
- The Manful’s. Aug 2019

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